Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dentist and Plumbers crack

Today was the kiddies first trip to the Dentist. Presley was absolutely terrified when they did her x-rays. She was crying so her mouth was open and she wouldn't bite down on the little plate that they had in her mouth so they had to hold it shut, which made her freak. Knox was next and he was a little anxious after witnessing his sister crying, but he was brave. he cried a little, but they worked quick and after they were done he says "tank too". Love that boy. They got a snow white toothbrush and a cars toothbrush and they were both super excited. Then the exam came with the Dentist and he was awesome. The kids did great and they have great teeth. No cavities. Now on to the second title of this post.

Today Presley pulled her pants half way down her bum in the back trying to be cute with me today. I said "No mam, that is not nice, we do not show our bums to anyone." Alright I tried to overreact just a little so she will know that it is not appropriate. Anyway- so then I say "Where in the world did you learn that?" She said, "Daddy do's it when he goes like this" Then she bends over- I about lost it- It was stinking hilarious and I am glad Bry was home to hear it, she is very perceptive. Time to keep your pants up Bry.:) oh and P.S. Thats not Bry's bum...haha


Kate (and LaVon) said...

hah!! That is soooo funny!!!! Thanks for the laugh!

Wolfe said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious!!!! What a cutie. Hope you guys are doing well. I don't know if Devon ever got a hold of you, but we are having a little girl in June. We are very excited.

Froggie said...

Hey! I'm not as "prego" as the piture you saw. That was a ball! dumb I know but curtis wanted his fam to think we were farther than we really were. You could totatlly tell it was fake though but whatever. I'm due on july23 so we have a little bit yet. I'm excited to find out what it is so I can get decorating (like i've done any other decorating!) anyway that's about it. How are you guys doing?? Looks like you're having fun! I miss UT sometimes. have a great weakend

Mandy said...

That picture is just sick! Does that guy just go comando everyday? Sick! I am so proud of you for taking them to the dentist, I cant imagine taking Addi right now, I think that I will just home dentist her (Kinda like home school only they will lose their teeth by the time they are 20)

Lance and Ariel said...

so i'm a little mad at you then...you've been holding out on me with this big news :) YEAH!! sorry things have been crazy with practice and everything starting again, but i'll call you soon. Can't wait to hear about what else you've been keeping a secret :)

Clayton Family said...

Thant's great! I'm excited for you! you little stink though! last I heard you were waiting! I guess that was a year ago (at LEAST) SO are you feeling good? diddo to you - keep me updated on sex. I'm supposed to be able to find out on my march apt but turns out i'm going to IL durring the time i would normally have my apt - SO i'm going to beg her to do it a week early! Lets hope I know by the end of feb! Anyway congrats!

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