Friday, March 21, 2008

shut up and drive...

So I am sure we have all heard the song by Rhianna with the lyrics "shut up and drive". So we were driving home from pitching lessons the other night ( I took Pres because Bry had to study for 2 tests). Presley was such a good girl and she was just talking to me, so I reached back and held her little hand and told her I loved her, she said " I love you too" and then just sat there quiet. A few seconds later she said "give me my hand mom and drive, just drive mom"[. It cracked me up she is such a little boss. She has been sick today and so pitiful with a temp of 102. Knox has been bored and trying to get her to play but she has just cried when he has come over and pulled on her pillow on the couch. I hope she feels well enough to join the other kids in the Easter egg hunt tomorrow. My friend from Nashville has been in this week too, and between Presley and myself having a stomach bug we haven't been very motivated to get out of the house. ( Sorry Tenniel, but I know you of all people understand having sick kids.) So ya- that is what we have been up to this week. Knox is standing a ton on his own and has even tried to take a step on his own. I am in no hurry, but it is fun to watch him learn and grow everyday. Ill post Easter pics soon ! Happy Easter !

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