Monday, March 31, 2008

Politics, the Free World, and Tibet

This is a political post - read at you own risk!

I am tired of hearing the rhetoric put forth by political leaders in this and other nations concerning the Olympics. Over the last few days I have heard numerous leaders suggest that the Games are not about politics, and that we should all just focus on the athletes. These politicians suggest that the purpose of the Games is to adore the athletes while blessing us with the privilege of being entertained—after all, that is all the politicians believe that we want—Entertainment!

This false rhetoric and smoke screen talk is just an attempt to divert us from the true issues at hand. The atrocities of the Chinese oppressors against the Tibetans are coming to light and it is causing the ruling elites to assemble their words and resources in an effort to divert the attention of the good people of the world. Regardless of my feelings for my brothers and sisters, the purpose of this post is to correct the fallacious statements of these so called leaders.

The arrogant politicians who believe they are superior to us and suppose that they can tell us anything and we will believe it have said that the Games are about the athletes and not about politics. This is a lie. Pierre de Coubertin’s major purpose in instituting the modern Olympic Games in the late 19th century was to help alleviate the tensions that existed between nations. The Games were to provide an athletic outlet for the tendencies toward war. The resolution of peace among warring nations was a dominant purpose; a political motivation by any mans definition. Pierre wanted the Games to be a means of establishing cooperation between participating nations. It was his hope that the Games would contribute to world peace.

With the lies cast aside, and the truth about the Games established, it is my hope that you will do something to aid our brothers and sisters in Tibet so they can be freed from their oppressors. I don’t know what that will be, but you will—I invite you to act accordingly.

We can make a difference.


Cynthia and Bryan said...

Wow- you are so smart- I love you- you are going to be a wonderful Lawyer !

Tyson, Jennie and Cedric said...

I did not know anything about this situation, I am going to research it now! Thanks for opening my eyes. It drives me crazy how leaders think we are all so stupid and they can just tell us what they think we want to hear and it will suffice!

Boydston Family said...

Uhhhh Cyn I know you did not write this. must be bryan, why are our husbands so much smarter? oh I know why because they are the money makers. Any way thanks bryan sometimes we need to remember the big picture of life and not what media and higher political authority wants us to know

Missy Marianne AKA Mima said...

The Games have always been a form of propaganda for some one...even the USA USA USA!! (Oh please...we are now a football team with guns in the middle east)

If not used to promote a fellowship and brotherhood among nations, why do it? Every 4 years the nations come together and show off 'what they got' and to appear to show the goodness and greatness of their country. It has never been about the athletes and only the most naive would think that. But as my son says, "the average person isn't that smart"...who knew?
KUDOS ummm is that only myspace lingo?