Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ready for Santa...

Presley and Knox have been all about Santa and the elves. They are super excited about Santa coming and trying really hard to be good. The "elves" actually brought them a present early :). We got a wooden swing set that is usually $400 at Walmart for $50 on clearance !! Super steal. We have yet to put it together yet since it has been so cold. Presley had asked why her cousins have an elf and she doesn't so here is my wonderful answer :)..."Well sometimes Pres when kids are really naughty during the year santa needs to send them an elf to remind them that Christmas is close and they need to be good". Presley says, "ya, I have been really good this year". And I can't disagree. After the first few weeks of school she got into the swing of things and has been doing great. She had all blue marks for the month of November so we took a trip to Vegas for know, chuck e cheese. She earned it and they had a blast.

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