Friday, November 13, 2009

Presley's BIG surprise !!

So I was probably way more excited about this event than she was, well not really, she was really excited too. Last week I saw an advertisement on TV for Disney Princesses on Ice to be at the Energy Solutions Arena in SLC. I went online and tried to get tickets with no luck. I call a couple of ladies in our quad that have girls around Presley's age that would enjoy going too. So Saturday morning Leah and I ran down to Smith's grocery and bought tickets for thursday night. We decided not to tell the girls and to keep it a surprise. I didn't even hint about anything until 30 minutes before we were going to leave I told Presley to go pick a princess dress to wear that she and I were going on a date. She chose her Cinderella dress. We got in the car with Leah and her daughter Debbie and we drove to SLC. We stood all the girls outside and then told them where we were going. They were all so excited, Presley however was the only one screaming and jumping up and down with excitement. We had awesome seats, which were actually for the handicapped patrons but they sold us tickets to this platform and the girls had a ton of room to move around and wiggle. So here are some pics from our night.

This is supposed to be the last pic...they were worn out
Presley with her Crown that came on her $10 cotton candy...
My Sweet Princess
The beauties...Daisy, Mindy, Michaela, Pres, and Debbie
Presley and Debbie



Suze B. Vinton said...

Looks like fun. . . Can't wait for Genne to get older so we can do howsome thing like that.

Mandy said...

Look at that face! She is so crazy happy! I am so glad you got to take her....even though the $10 cotton candy would have thrown me over the edge!

Greg and Talena said...

So much fun! I am glad Lluvia got it on tape!! lol