Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the brady bunch

alright - this is a post from bryan. so i managed to make it almost 29 years on this earth without seeing the brady bunch. i have seen parts of it over the last 3 weeks since presley discovered it - so i officially still have never seen an entire episode of the brady bunch. conversely, presley almost made it three years without seeing the brady bunch. now that she has seen it she is hooked - as you can tell from the video. anyway, she was asking to watch the brady bunch, and it had finished about an hour earlier (when she was watching milo and otis while playing with her dolls). you can see in the video that she was dissapointed that she couldn't see the brady bunch. it makes me wonder how i have survived without the brady bunch if it is so important to an innocent little 3 year old (well, 3 in a little over 2 days). the power of domestic containment running rampant on the american television screen has already had its affects upon my little girl - thanks cold war (is it really over yet?).

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