Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Husband survey...TAG

What is his name? Bryan Ernest Fallowfield

How long have you been married? 6 years and 8 months

Who long did you date? Date...haha- we didn't , you guys know the story. We dated about 15 hours !! When you know, you know !!!

Who eats more sweets? Bry is def the sweet tooth in this household, I do hold my own though when it comes to sweets, but he is a chocolate monster !!

Who said I love you first? This is funny, well I actually did in a letter to him while he was on his mission, that I had decided not to send, but my roommate did. And he so politely wrote back, thanks, but I am not in the position to dwell on that kind of stuff, not word for word but just about like that, ripped my heart out :(.

Who is taller? Bryan on a good day if Im not wearing heels !! he is 5' 10" and I am 5' 8"

Who can sing better? Neither of us have been blessed with a singing voice, but Bry can carry a tune.

Who is smarter? Def Bry ! I try to keep up, but he is so dang smart and loves to learn. He always has his nose in some sort of book about who knows what.

Who does the laundry? We both do the laundry. I am usually the designated folder though.

Who pays the bills? Bryan he is much more detail oriented than me- thank goodness, I forget about everything. He is always on the ball.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Depends on the night...especially if it was wild and crazy...haha just kidding, but I like to be furthest from the door, so whatever side that ends up being.

Who mows the lawn? We both did when we had our house, Bry more than me, but I love mowing!!

Who cooks dinner? It used to always be Bry but now that I am a domestic Goddess I do- I have settled into the role of a stay at home mom and have started to enjoy creating meals for my fam.

Who drives? Both of us, me more than him right now because I am with the bumbles all day driving here and there and he walks to and from school, so he has gone days without being in the car.

Who is more stubborn? This is a toss up- But I would say me, so stubborn !

Who kissed who first? He kissed me at Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand- and this is so cheesey, but it was crazy- weak knees and everything ! It was awesome.

Who asked who out first? I kind of invited myself down to visit him in New Zealand so I guess that would mean I asked him out first !

Who proposed? Bryan of course ! We had spent the whole 1st day I was down in New Zealand having fun and sight seeing, we went to see the Temple christmas lights, then we went up to a mountain to see the lights from up there but it was foggy. So down the mountain we went. We were driving and it was quiet and I asked him "what are you thinking" he said "nothing" and I said "no, what are you thinking" and he says "will you marry me?" Holy Crap !! I about fell out and I just sat there for about 5 minutes and then said "are you serious?" then sat there silent for another 5 minutes before asking again "are you serious?". All that time thinking what in the world ?! Do I know this guy ? I have to finish school ! My family is going to kill me ! Then I thought what the heck, and he pulled over I said yes and he slipped a sweet little ring on my finger, I cried and he was sweating bullets cause it took me 15 minutes to say yes.

Who has more siblings? Bryan has 3 brothers and 3 half sisters and I have 4 siblings.

Who wears the pants? We take turns, it depends on the situation, but like Lauren said Cannon, Presley thinks that she can have her turn being the boss and has even told Bryan "Im the boss of you".

I love my sweet husband and the past 6 and 1/2 years have been the best of my life. Everyday is an adventure and we have ton of fun together. Last night we were playing with Blueberries (tossing them in the air catching them in our mouths) and we were cracking up !! I threw one up and he totally biffed it, so I was bent over laughing and Bry kicked me in the butt and I fell forward and busted my head on the counter (spousel abuse right?) but we were ya just thought I would share that tid Bit.

My turn to tag....I tage Liz Vanderlinden, Liz boydston, Lisa Sharp, Shauna Clayton (time to update...I want to see some pics of Piper!!) and Myr. Have Fun !


Brian and Lauren said...

I LOVE it! You guys are just darling! PS- I did a spell check on my computer, and that mistake wasnt caught :) Ive out-smarted the computer!

The Sharp Family said...

Love the proposal story! Bryan has some serious guts. Glad you said yes Cynthia. Love, the sharps

beth said...

You are hilarious! I love your last story and I loved reading all of your answers to the question-tag thing. I love those. Anyway, you guys are too cute. We can't wait for you to be here either. I can't believe you have been married for 61/2 years. Where has the time gone - that is holy crap. Take care.

millisue said...

I love your guy's story. You two are the most adventurous people ever. I would have died if Trav asked me to marry him that soon. I'd say you are pretty much meant for eachother. You know, I think I get abused to by my husband we are always goofing around and he "accidently" trips me or wacks me. Gotta love em.