Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our new home !

Well I figure I have been out here for a little over a week and it is time to update. My mom, our 2 babies and I arrived in Utah on January 4th. I was definitely excited to see Bry and to see what our new home was going to look like. Since it was BYU family housing my expectations were not too high, but at least I wasn't disappointed. Lots of Cinder block and old cabinets, but very livable. we have made it home. I am missing south Carolina though. I miss our friends and the warm weather. It has been stinking freezing out here. Knox and Presley were getting sick before we headed out here and Knox cried on the plane ride. Poor thing, his ears hurt. And we found out that following Monday that he had a double ear infection :(. Presley seem to only have a cough and a fever and has recovered remarkably. Children are so resilient. Anyway- Nothing new, we haven't made any new friends. I am kind of over trying to make new friends. It requires effort and I have plenty of friends just scattered all over the world ! Lauren is here, and so is Kate, and a couple other softball friends so I'm set. It has been hard on my babies though having to stay inside since it is so dang cold. I actually bundled them up today and went for a run and it was about 24 degrees. I could tell they were just happy to get out of the house. Anyway- this is a really lame post, but just thought I would put something new up for the New Zealand fam to see how we are doing. Bry is loving his classes. He has to walk to school everyday, it is only about 30 minutes, but it is good for him to have some time just for himself. We still haven't sold our house and actually just went down on the price $10000 yesterday so hopefully we will have some good news soon. I have started doing pitching lessons and they are picking up, so that is our means of income at the moment. We will post some new pics soon. Hope all is well. Love ya 1


millisue said...

I have learned that moving kind of sucks! But you guys will get used to it soon I'm sure, especially when it gets warm. Hang in there, maybe I'll get to see you on my next visit.

Kate (and LaVon) said...

Cyn -- I am so glad you are here!! Things will get better and I told Lindsey Gerhauser to refer her h.s. pitchers to you. You should check with Debbie too to get some kids --- and maybe even Niki, if she doesn't mind. Anyway, we need to plan a girls night out. You, me, Linds, Lauren, Neta, Ash, whoever is around still! I miss everyone! Hey, so...I'm here for ya!

The Sharp Family said...

Glad you guys made it here safe! We look forward to seeing you guys and catching up.

Love, The Sharps