Friday, January 18, 2008

GI Joe and TinkerBell

Alright so this post is going to have a lot of media with it so I can catch everyone up with where we are at with the kids at the moment. Knox is soooo busy crawling around, and as you will see it is an army crawl. He only goes to hands and knees when he is close to something that he is going to pull up on. Today I went into his room and he was standing in his crib, so I ran and got the camera and took a pic of it.

And here is a video of him Crawling... (don't mind our Ymount cinderblocks !!)

Alright and then on to TinkerBell...Presley is into Ballerinas right now. We are having the hardest time keeping clothes on this kid because she always wants to wear her "ballerina Soup", (Ballerina Suit) so we found this super cute one earlier in the week at the Disney store and it ended up falling apart, probably because she wore it all day everyday except for naps and bed. So we took that back today hoping that they would let us return it, and they did. So we tried to get another but they were all out of her size, but on the way out we saw a TinkerBell costume, it was on sale for $25 and is usually $80, Presley fell in love with it and said that she was going to be the most beautiful ballerina. So here are som pics from today...Enjoy our Ballerina.

The Original "Ballerina Soup"

The New Ballerina suit... And a video of our dancing Queen !

Mommy and the Ballerina.


Brian and Lauren said...

I love those babies of yours! They are too funny! Thanks for coming by and playing! Its so good to see you :)

Mandy said...

So cute! Knox is simply a stud and I kinda have a crush on him, I mean come on! Look at those eyes! So cute, and I love the new Tink suit! By the way, how did you like my little pitcher, what do you think of her? (the gal you worked with on Sat. The one from So Cal.)
We need to have a party, lets plan it soon.

Jolley Family said...

Cynthia, how are you doing? This is TC (Jones) Jolley! I got your message on my blog and finally found you :) Your kids are too cute! I love it! I'm going to have to add you as a friend to keep up :)

tiny said...

Tell Presley I love the dance, the Tink suit and the shoes! You were right about Knox, didn't take him long to get around. Those shelves would be nasty!!

By the way, GOTCHA!

millisue said...

That Tink suit is definately an upgrade from the first one, good choice! Looks like you are adjusting! You look really good too!

Kate (and LaVon) said...

Cyn - your kids are adorable! I can't wait to hang out with you all! We need to plan something before we start hanging out at the ballpark together! I can't wait to catch some games -- can it be warm weather already!??!