Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Moving forward...

Well needless to say the past two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me ( and since I was crazy, my poor family suffered). It all started last week with my frustration with the fact that we have yet to sell our home !!! Ahhhhh !!! I was having a really hard time understanding why. I kept thinking that we are doing everything that we are supposed to (church wise) and then some. I was frustrated that I started off with complete faith that we would sell our home no problem. So obviously things are working out a little differently than I had planned. And I think that is the whole problem, I, My plan, Compared to Heavenly Fathers. It is perplexing to me that I have been through so many situations in my life where I have learned over and over that he has a plan, and it might not be what I want it to be or even any thing that I could ever imagine, but it works out so much better than if we were to try and do it our own way. So I have determined to let this week be a lesson for me...uhhh..it seems like it is always a lesson !! but anyway, I have submitted and let go and put myself into the free fall that Bryan talked about a couple weeks ago. I was so bugged when he posted that, because I was still so upset with the way things were working out. But it is so weird to say that letting go has actually made my life a lot less crazy and I feel a lot more at peace with whatever is going to happen because I know we are going to be fine no matter what. I guess for a person who is somewhat control oriented that letting go of a situation is scary, but I have faith that he will catch us and his plan will be so awesome for our family. Alright, I had to vent a little bit. We got our Christmas cards out today !! Yeah ! Considering it is only 6 days to Christmas. And we almost didn't get them out today since Presley took our roll of 50 stamps and used them as stickers on out dinning room chairs !! Gotta love 2 year olds, but I salvaged them. We have been packing and going through boxes since saturday and I can honestly say, "I hate moving !" Hopefully this will be one of the last ones for our family. I anticipate probably 2 more before we settle down. So ya- Knox is about to crawl anyday. He gets up on hands and knees and rocks. He is so smiley right now. Presley is really getting into Santa Clause. She is excited for Christmas. We have started saying my goodbyes to people and it hurts my heart to think that We won't see some of these people for the rest of our lives. I just hope that the short time that we did have, we were able to make a positive impact in their lives. And that the Fallowfield Family stamp on the story of their lives is one that left a lasting impression that has forever changed them for the better. Man, I have big expectations for us !! Think Big, Right ?! Anyway- this was a post for me to let out some thoughts and feelings of what we are going through at this point in our existence.


The Sharp Family said...

Hi Fallowfield Family!

Speaking of Christmas cards, we have one for your family but have no address for you. If you read this will you email your address to ladrsharp@gmail.com? We even have a card for you from last year . . . couldn't find your address last year either. Love you guys.

Dan Sharp

MyR said...

Reading this kind of stressed me out. I was there just over a year and a half ago and will soon be joining that madness again soon. I hate change but know it is necessary. It's scary! Good luck. I hope all goes well for you.