Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dance Party !!

Well from Bry's post you can see that I am a little stressed !! Anyway- on a little lighter note, I wanted to post these pics and these videos of my dance crazy kids. I spent $5 today on this toy for Presley from this toy consignment shop ( I had to buy her a surprise. Telling her I would buy one for her was the only way I could get out of the house without her having a melt down). It is a LeapFrog Karaoke machine (looks Brand new and retails around $55, Good Job ME :) and it plays a bunch of songs and does phonics for the alphabet, which she could care less about, but it has a microphone with a long cord that will allow her to dance while singing. So after I Lysoled the thing I gave it to her to play with and she danced like a mad woman for about 45 mins! It was great, she even said "You see me mom dancing with my mouth", because she kept opening her mouth as wide as it would go while she jumped around. It was very entertaining. The video of Knox just kind of happened. Bryan was playing the guitar and Knox was kicking crazy everytime he played so that is what his video is all about. So Enjoy our cute babies !!

It is london Bridges falling down- but she calls it her "Barney dance"...

Dancing Diva! and Kicking Knox !


Brian and Lauren said...

Ok, Presley is HILARIOUS and Knox is just a doll! I can't wait for you guys to move out here! It will be so much fun :)

millisue said...

Your family is so cute!!! ps I love the color of your walls in your house!