Saturday, September 25, 2010

Out of the mouth of a 3 year old :)

Knox had on Christmas pajamas the other night and we asked him who was on them, it was an outline of santa clause and his answer "oh it's the christmas guy". A few days later with Christmas still on his mind "Mom I just saw a reigngoat and you missed it". I asked what a reigngoat was and he says "It flies with Santa so he can deliever all of the presents while we are sleeping". Another day while waiting for Presley to get out of school he says "Mom, I have someone inside of me. i think it is daddy. I think I am turning into daddy because I am getting hairs on my arms. I think I will be daddy when I grow up and not a superhero". He calls slushies "flushies", so does Presley. And he says freakin all the time "why won't those freakin cars move"...ya and a few freakin's that have sounded a little questionable :) Not sure where he would have picked that one up but it is pretty funny. He still points with his middle finger and thinks its funny to call people "losers", thanks to his wonderful cousins and Aunt :) Just a little update for our boy who is also playing soccer and still realizing that he can't tackle people when they get the ball :) LOVE HIM !


Suze said...

Aww! I miss knoxy and his way of telling that baby Alex needs a spanking for going outside the quad!

Greg and Talena said...

He is so dang cute I miss him too!

Leah said...

Knox!!! We miss you!!!